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COVID-19: Resiliency, it’s a Colorado Thing

There’s something about Colorado as the nation navigates this pandemic. Maybe it’s the cowboy roots, the pioneering spirit, or an economy built to weather change.

Whatever the reason, Colorado’s resilience in the face of today’s reality, makes a difference. And it’s why – when paired with our incredible talent pool and a quality of life that’s second to none – companies and employees who are considering a change, are deciding on Colorado.


  • PThe nations #1 economy three years running
  • POver 90% of our workforce is still working
  • PA top remote workforce, ranked #1 prior to COVID-19
  • P2nd most educated workforce in the country
  • PRanked Top 10 US Cities Best Positioned To Recover From Coronavirus - Forbes
  • P2nd in the nation for well positioned cities to retake their crown as one of the fastest-rising metro areas in the US – Business Insider
  • P1st on the U.S. News “Best Places to Live” list
  • PMetro Denver named top U.S. City in 2020 for inclusion. – Brookings
  • PRoom to Roam: 88% of workforce pick Metro Denver for work/life balance
  • PSince July 2020, TSA has reported more people traveling through DEN than any other airport in the nation
  • PAs of October 2021, DEN is ranked #3 highest trafficked airport in the world
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