Port Colorado is committed to developing industry leading conditions that drive sustainability. Creating eco-friendly, progressive and engaging spaces with minimal environmental impact. 


Master Planning

  • PIncorporate Park sustainability guidelines
  • PTarget and incentivize tenants that have corporate sustainability initiatives
  • PFacilitate participation between industries and municipalities to reduce waste and pollution
  • PSustainable landscaping practices
  • PAbundance of green space

Solar/Renewable Energy

  • PPort Colorado is co-developing with City of Aurora and Xcel Energy; a 700+ acre, 100+ megawatt solar farm, to provide the ability for through-the-grid solar power to park users
  • PIncentivizing / enabling all renewable energy sources to the park and its customer base
  • PRecycling, waste-to-feed exchanges/cogeneration

Construction: Facilities and infrastructure

  • PEvaluate USGBC – LEED certifications
  • PIncorporate low carbon / eco-friendly construction practices and materials
  • PUtilize sustainable recycling and waste management practices


  • PCreation of a Regional Transportation Authority to design transportation systems that minimize environmental impacts such as Transportation Demand Management systems
  • PMaster planning/design to support vehicle electrification and autonomous mobility
  • PIncentivizing / enabling freight rail as a mode whenever possible
  • PHike and Bike trails to encourage less vehicular traffic

Other Focuses