Metro Denver


Denver, with its amenities, highly educated population, transportation options, and attractive urban center, is the No. 1 city in the U.S. where the future work force (ages 25-34) is moving.

An educated population stimulates the culture of downtown. The Brookings Institute noted that the young, emerging work force, is choosing to locate in highly educated areas where “young people can feel connected and have attachments to colleges or universities, among highly educated residents.” This culture of higher education is exemplified by downtown Denver’s residential population, 47.6 percent of whom have bachelor’s degrees or higher, compared to 36 percent in downtown Seattle and 24 percent in downtown Washington, D.C.

2nd most-highly educated workforce in the Nation

  • PMedian household income: $85,641
  • PMedian home price: $475,000
  • PAverage commute: 27.5 minutes
  • PUnemployment rate: 3.3%
  • PMedian rent for 2 bedroom: $1,651
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Top 5 Universities in Denver based on Graduation Rate 

Education 1
Education 2
Education 3
Education 4
Education 5

Notable Companies Started or Led by Alumni from Colorado Institutions

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