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Eastern Denver Development

Denver’s continued popularity with home buyers is driving some of the fastest growth in the entire nation. This growth velocity is prompting development opportunities along I-70 corridor south of DEN, where the metropolitan area is about to get its first real master-planned community created in many years.

Major Residential

The Aurora Highlands

3,146 Acres
12,487 Planned Units
32,492 Population est.

Prosper Farms

5,130 Acres
9,000 Planned Units
27,000 Population est.

Sky Ranch

772 Acres
4,000 Planned Units
12,000 Population est.

Eastern Hills

3,300 Acres
15,000 Planned Units
39,000 Population est.


600 Acres
5,000 Planned Units
15,000 Population est.

Eastern Residential Development

Bennett, Colorado leads the region in affordable new housing with a projected 10,000 additional rooftops being constructed within the next five years. New development projects include The Farm, Skyview, Muegge Farms, Bennett Crossing, Bennett Ranch, and Kiowa Creek.


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